Casa Bellavista Havana, apartment located in the municipality of Playa, the neighborhood of luxury and glamor of Havana.

Bellavista Havana is a spectacular apartment located in the municipality of Playa, the neighborhood of Havana's luxury and glamor. The area is quiet, with a high level of security, luxury restaurants, shopping areas and large avenues. There are no people who disturb the foreigner (they are concentrated in Centro Habana and Habana Vieja) and their perfect communication means that the historic center is reached in 15 minutes (or less).
The most attractive (and economic) way, for a tourist, is to get around by taking the collective taxis (called “boteros”). The apartment is very close to the Cuban Art Factory (FAC), the Havana Malecon, and some of the best restaurants in the city. There are also some good nightclubs nearby such as La Casa de la Música de Miramar.
Other places of great interest that are nearby are the Memorial Museum of the Denunciation, the famous House of Green Gables, John Lennon Park, the Colón Cemetery, or the Revolution Square, among others.

Bellavista Havana is located in a modern building, built in 1956. Located in front of the mouth of the Rio Almendares, the views are unbeatable. It may be one of the best views in all of Havana, being able to admire from the terraces the sea, the magnificent sunsets, the mouth of the Almendares and a beautiful outline of the city. Spectacular. Really spectacular.
The entrance to the apartment is direct. It has a modern elevator, which takes you to the floor (one ninth) only if you have the key. Without it, the elevator does not stop on your floor (which gives great security).
Due to its height, the apartment has beautiful views, but it also enjoys a lot of light and is very cool (the sea breeze runs through the house, being one of the refreshing elements of the house).
The furniture is modern, in keeping with the construction. It includes a piano that adds a touch of class and interest, in keeping with the character of the apartment.

The owners of the Bellavista Havana are pleasant and communicative people, who enjoy the company of their guests. It may happen that you discover new friends in them. They are always open to you, they will enjoy any possibility of conversation and exchange, and they are very ready to help with any questions and to make recommendations for places, providing deep knowledge of the history and reality of the country.